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Hardware2u has the largest range at the best pricesfor clothes lines, washing lines, rotary hoist, retractable clotheslines, wall and floor mounted clothes lines and garment racks. We have a huge range of quality clotheslines for every application. If you have any questions please contact us on 1300661509.

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Choosing the right clotheslines for your home!Your choice of clothesline will be determined by a few key considerations:1. The type of home you are living in.2. The amount of clear space you have in your back yard or around the home.3. The size and volume of your washing requirements.House / Townhouse / UnitLarge size backyard. For anyone with a large backyard a clotheslines from theRotary range of clotheslines would be the ideal choice. They have the largest overall line spaceand line spacing.Medium size backyard / Courtyard.

The Fold Down range of Clotheslines offers a great variety in the overall size of your clothesline. Determine the space you have available and choose from the Single, Twin, Slim and Mini to suit your home. Each clothesline folds away after use, giving you back your valuable yard space. They can be ground mounted with the Ground Mount Kit..Small size backyard / Walk space.

For those with minimal room or long narrow spaces we recommend the range of Retractable Clotheslines. The lines only need extending when required, freeing up your backyard for other things.Apartment / Flat

The Indoor Fold Down Clothesline and or a easy lift Clothesline are both designed for those needing to dry their clothes indoors.

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