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By Katie McInnes
I bought myself a garden shed
An ABSCO if you please
I thought, YES  I can put this up,
I reckon it’s a breeze

So I started out one morning
With a friend to help me out.
We sorted all the pieces,
And spread them all about.

Then we had a coffee break,
The instructions, we did read.
I took my cordless drill in hand,
And took the ‘tradesman’ lead.

We hammered, tapped and screwed it all,
And hoped we had it right.
Soon the shed was standing,
And we hadn’t a fight.

We had another cuppa,
Stood back, and eyed our work.
Now we have a roof to fit
We don’t have time to shirk.

So we worked a little longer,
Made sure the roof did fit.
We stood and looked at what we’d done,
Were bloody proud of it!

It only took a morning,
And it really was a breeze,
Not bad for just two women,
Over 50, with bad knees.
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